Aileen Leventon

Edge International
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: Principal
Functional Area: Consulting
Year of Induction: 2015

P.O. Box 108, 42 Sunset Ave.
Kinderhook, NY 12106

Business Phone: 518.421.3552


Aileen Leventon brings her background as a practicing lawyer, Big Four partner, and entrepreneur to law practice management. As founder of QLex Consulting, her work enables law firms to achieve improved economic results and higher levels of client satisfaction by assuring that legal services are provided with a clear focus on the client’s business goals. Although seemingly self-evident, this stance is often absent from law practice when matters are approached as academic exercises. With her practical perspective as a touchstone, she has fostered the adoption of new paradigms for managing both legal resources and individual matters.

Aileen bridges the gap between lawyers and their clients by helping them clarify and quantify their goals and by fostering thought and communication about context, risk, and objectives. Her unique blend of hands-on coaching, training, and consulting have advanced the adoption and integration of project management, metrics and measurement, profitability analysis, implementation of value-based fee structures, and law department optimization strategies. It is a pleasure to induct Aileen Leventon as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.

Nominated by Susan Raridon Lambreth and Susan Hackett