Andy Daws

Riverview Law/Kim Technologies
Organization Type: Law Firm
Position/Title: Chief Customer Officer
Functional Area: Technology
Year of Induction: 2017

1200 US 22, Suite 4
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Mobile Phone: 212.729.7724
Business Phone: 908.991.4700


Andy Daws, a former InnovAction Award recipient, has been a pioneer in the UK and U.S. in bringing new and more effective of ways of dealing with and doing legal work. He played an instrumental role in creating GOV.UK, which consolidated multiple UK government legal websites into a single, readily accessible, valuable information resource for a broad public. Then, Andy shifted gears and joined a company that automated HR services for large corporate entities. By demand of those customers, the company added Riverview Law, a new model law firm offering fixed and lower fees based on project planning, lower cost resources, and a healthy dose of tech. As a member of the executive team of the KIM division of Riverview, Andy is bringing AI-enabled workflow to law practice.
—Nominated by Ron Friedmann and Silvia Hodges Silverstein, October 2017