Aric Press

PP&C Consulting
Organization Type: Consultancy
Position/Title: Partner
Functional Area: Strategy, Client Interviews, Marketing and Communications
Year of Induction:

37 Great Hill Farms Rd.
Bedford, NY 10506

Business Phone: 917.603.1052

Aric Press started Bernero & Press, the law firm consulting group, in 2015 with Wendy Bernero, another COLPM fellow. In 2017 the organization became PP&C Consulting. Before that Aric was the editor in chief of The American Lawyer and American Lawyer Media. He and his partners advise firms on their strategy, with a particular emphasis on practice group positioning, conduct in-depth client interviews, and review and recommend communications and branding efforts.


With a law degree and 19 years as a writer/editor at Newsweek, Aric brought an interesting combination of skills and experience to his work as Editor in Chief of The American Lawyer, a post which he has now held for 12 years.  Under his leadership, that magazine has become the must-read magazine for those in law firm management in firms of medium size to the international mega-firms.  While best known for the AMLAW 100 and the AMLAW 200 compliations of statistics for the largest firms, which have truly changed that segment of the profession, Aric has also caused the magazine to focus on the A firm list, which not only looks at gross revenues, but at pro bono work, diversity and how associates play a part at a particular firm.  Aric brings that same broad view of the legal profession to his many speeches and his “in House at the American Lawyer” column.  In a very direct, perhaps even blunt, but always articulate way, Aric challenges the leaders of law firms to redirect their focus from the bottom line to the people in their firms and those they represent.

— 2010