Catherine Sanders Reach

The Chicago Bar Association
Organization Type: Association (bar or other law-related association)
Position/Title: Director, Law Practice Management & Technology
Functional Area: Education
Year of Induction: 2013

321 S. Plymouth Ct.
Chicago, IL 60604

Business Phone: 312.554.2070


Catherine Sanders Reach is a quiet Southern girl who started out as a librarian. From what some might call these “humble” beginnings, she has made her mark in the world of lawyers and law practice management. Her hard work and dedication made the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center into one of the most practical and helpful resources the ABA has ever provided to its members. Catherine is now at the Chicago Bar Association, where she is building the Law Practice Management & Technology Center into a great resource for CBA members. She knows more about legal technology than most in her field and willingly shares that knowledge in an easy and understandable way in her many writings and lively presentations. She is a sought-after and well-known speaker for conferences and CLE programs across the country. As a big music fan (and sometimes roadie) she understands why her sage technology advice has been music to the ears of many a lawyer. Please join with me in welcoming Catherine to the College.
—Nominated by Dan Pinnington and Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, October 2013