David J. Bilinsky

Law Society of British Columbia
Organization Type: Association
Position/Title: Practice Advisor
Functional Area: Education
Year of Induction: 2004

845 Cambie St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9

Business Phone: 604.605.5331
Fax: 604.646.5902

David J. Bilinsky is a Practice Management Consultant/Advisor for the Law Society of British Columbia. He is an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University teaching a totally online, graduate level course in the Masters of Arts in Applied Legal Studies program. This MA program received the 2011 Award of Excellence from the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education.

His consulting services focus on enhancing law firm profitability, strategic business planning, change management and the application of technology to the practice of law. Dave has been called upon from Shanghai to New York City, from the Yukon to deep in the heart of Argentina by law firms and legal associations to address personal productivity, change management, technology implementation, career satisfaction, leadership development and the emerging discipline: online dispute resolution.

Dave is the founder and current Chair of the Pacific Legal Technology Conference and a past Co-Chair of ABA TECHSHOW. He is a past Editor-in-Chief of ABA’s Law Practice magazine and a prolific writer on practice management and writes regularly for many publications in the USA and Canada. He is a core contributor to the award-winning blog www.slaw.ca as well as his own blog, www.thoughtfullaw.com.


Dave Bilinsky is a bundle of focused energy. Through his writings and presentations, he communicates infectiously the gospel of law practice management to audiences across the province, the country, the continent and even to China. After almost 18 years in practice, David decided to dedicate his skills to working within a law society to teach practitioners in all manner of firms how to run their businesses to the same professional, ethical and technological standards for which he himself. Through leadership positions in the Canadian and American bar associations, David has built a reputation for unflappable dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. He is one of the few Fellows to have focused his MBA upon the special challenges of managing a legal business. David is one of the true leaders of his generation in developing new ways to meet the challenges of effective client service.
— Introduced by Simon Chester, 2004