Deborah McMurray

Content Pilot LLC
Organization Type: Vendor
Position/Title: CEO and Strategy Architect
Functional Area: Management
Year of Induction: 2007

6600 LBJ Freeway, Suite 165
Dallas, TX 75240

Mobile Phone: 972.897.4921
Business Phone: 972.897.4921

Deborah McMurray is CEO and Strategy Architect of Content Pilot LLC, a strategy and technology company. Deborah and her team specialize in the design of websites and web-based proposal centers, intranets, experience databases, and other marketing technology tools and strategic initiatives, such as marketing department restructuring/realignment and positioning/branding campaigns.

She is an authority on the design and development of top law firm websites. She serves as strategy architect and team leader for these projects, overseeing the projects and the Content Pilot creative and development team.  In November 2005, she published a White Paper after commissioning the first research about the AMLAW 100 Web sites—AMLAW 100 Web Sites: Ten Foundational Best Practices.

Deborah is an industry leader in law firm marketing metrics, helping firms measure and track return on investment. Deborah created Couch Money, a law firm cost recovery program and marketing budgeting system.

She has 25 years’ experience in strategic marketing, positioning and communications for professional services firms and served for 11 years (1987 – 1998) as the first in-house marketing director at Texas-based Johnson & Swanson/Gibbs and Hughes & Luce, LLP.

In 2008, Deborah was inducted into the Legal Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame.

She is a co-author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet, 3rd ed. and co-editor of The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing Your Practice, 2nd ed. with James A. Durham.


For almost 20 years, Deborah McMurray has been a dynamic leader in strategic marketing and client relationship management, first as the marketing director at two major Texas-based law firms and then for the last nine years, as a consultant to firms throughout the United States. Deborah unselfishly shares her knowledge and experience through her extensive training of lawyers and marketers. She also contributes her time, charm and boundless energy to leadership positions in the American Bar Association and the Legal Marketing Association.
— Nominated by Robert Denney and Barbara Kay Harrison, 2007