Douglas Simpson

BackDraft Systems, Legal Systematics
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: Chief Operating Officer
Functional Area: Technology
Year of Induction: 2014

27 - 1375 Stephenson Dr.
Burlington, ON L7S 2M5

Douglas Simpson has degrees in both computer science and law. He is a lawyer with a part-time law practice in Toronto, Ontario. He is CEO of Legal Systematics, Inc., which develops document assembly and legal practice systems for lawyers, and is owner of a technology consulting practice called BackDraft Systems.

He recently co-founded InsightFill Inc. with Melissa Cait, a Toronto-area neuropsychologist. For InsightFill Inc., he developed an online system for preparing psychological assessments by school psychologists using document assembly technology.

He is formerly President of ExperText Systems Ltd. where he wrote one of the early document assembly engines and authored several legal practice systems in the areas of real estate, estate planning, family, corporate and litigation.

He was a co-founder and CIO of Debt Recovery Network, a legal extranet supporting on-line collaboration between several of Canada’s largest financial institutions and their law firms, property managers and collection agencies. He designed and supervised development of the web-based CollectLink extranet software.

He was CEO of GhostFill Technologies Inc. for 5 years, where he helped establish the North American user base for GhostFill document assembly software. He was involved in partnering with other software developers to create and market legal practice systems for general office correspondence, estate planning, probate, civil litigation and small claims court.

He is also co-author of a book with Mark Tamminga called The Lawyers’ Guide to Extranets, 2003, ABA Publishing, which relates the authors’ experiences in developing legal extranets, and documents the efforts by other law firms and companies to build extranets.


Doug Simpson has been a leading force for innovation in law practice and legal service delivery since the 1980s.  He was an early pioneer in document assembly and case management systems, and has been a serial entrepreneur in ventures aimed at the legal market.  He embodies a blend of traditional lawyering values and an engineering mindset that constantly sees opportunities to do better.  And as with so many Fellows, he’s one for sharing his expertise – he has taught programs for the Law Society of Upper Canada and other organizations. His published writings are seminal works: including The Lawyers Guide to Extranets (with Fellow Mark Tamminga) and Work Less, See More Success (with Fellow Marc Lauritsen).