J. Larry Green

Bradley Huggins Consulting Group, Inc.
Organization Type: Consulting Firm (professional services)
Position/Title: Consultant, Principal
Functional Area: Consultant
Year of Induction: 2003

600 Kings Rd.
Athens, GA 30606

Business Phone: 706.461.8480


For nearly three decades, Larry Green has risen through the ranks of law practice management while serving eight organizations covering a four-state area. He is currently the Principal and Senior Consultant of Bradley Huggins Consulting Group in Athens, Georgia. In addition to his management and consulting background, Larry possesses outstanding technical skills in computer technology, which he uses extensively to enhance practical application of law office information and telecommunications networks and systems. He has authored and published over a dozen articles in various national legal publications and state bar publications and is frequently interviewed by national and regional publications on management and technical issues involving the legal profession. Since 1982, Larry has been dedicated to improving the law practice management process through planning and conducting of national, regional, and local seminars for organizations concerned with the legal profession. He generously shares his knowledge and experience with other members of the profession while delivering quality services to his clients.
— Introduced by Lowell Rothschild, 2003