James Stuart Wilber

Altman Weil, Inc.
Organization Type: Consulting Firm (professional services)
Position/Title: Principal and General Counsel
Functional Area: Consultant
Year of Induction: 2001

8555 W. Forest Home Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53228

Mobile Phone: 414.807.1686
Business Phone: 414.427.5400
Fax: 414.427.5300

James Wilber leads consulting projects in organization, strategic planning, lawyer professional development and law firm executive searches.  Prior to joining Altman Weil, Mr. Wilber practiced law and managed law offices for 14 years.  His law office management experience is extensive. Mr. Wilber is licensed to practice law in, and is a member of the state bars of, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Mr. Wilber has written and lectured extensively on management issues in the legal profession.  He is the Editor of the Report To Legal Management, and is the former Editor of the International Practice Manager of the International Bar Association and a former officer of Committee 10 of the IBA.  He is a founding member and Vice Chair of the Association of Consultants to Law Departments.  Mr. Wilber has been published or quoted in numerous publications, including the ABA Journal, The American Lawyer magazine, the National Law Journal, and the journals of many state bar associations. Mr. Wilber is a cum laude graduate of the inaugural class of the Southern Illinois University School of Law, having served as Notes and Comments Editor of the law review. He also has a bachelor’s degree from The University of Michigan and a master’s degree in English Literature.