Jeff Reade

Cole Valley Software, Inc.
Organization Type: Vendor (e.g., software, systems, etc.)
Position/Title: President and Founder
Functional Area: Management
Year of Induction: 2010

164 Reiten Dr.
Ashland, OR 97520

Mobile Phone: 415.601.8875
Business Phone: 541.601.8875


Jeff Reade is a law-marketing pioneer.  He was one of the first to understand how technology can be used to connect law firms with their clients, and built a company and software product to accomplish this.  In 1991, Jeff founded Cole Valley Software, Inc. introducing Legal Ease Marketing Database to the legal community.  This was the “granddaddy” of what are now known as CRM (Client Relationship Management) Systems.  Although found in other industries, it was adapted to the legal arena and was one of the first products to centrally manage mailing lists, attorney profiles, deal histories and other marketing data for law firms.

Since then, Jeff has consistently spoken, written, and acted to encourage the further advancement of technology and business management tools to better market and manage a law firm.

— 2010