Jeff Schwarz

Concata, Inc.

55 W. Monroe, Suite 3330
Chicago, IL 60603


If Jeff Schwarz were to need anything, it might be a hat rack; he could use it to store the many chapeaus he has worn, including law firm partner, technology leader, consultant, and, now, the innovative Chief Operating Officer of a rising law firm. To those formal positions, we can add important roles as futurist, educator, and leader in a variety of areas…including the development and implementation of client service programs to better align services with client needs.  He has been and is a frequent and sought-after speaker on strategic and technical issues at national and international conferences. He has also been a founding Board member of two global CIO forums: the Legal IT Leadership Summit and the G100 Legal CIO Forum.  It is my great honor to welcome Jeff Schwarz to the College.
—Nominated by Dave Hambourger and Ron Staudt, October 2013