Jennifer Scalzi

Calibrate Legal, Inc.
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: CEO
Functional Area: Consulting
Year of Induction:

10 Forest St.
Hanover, MA 02339

Business Phone: 646.422.7812


Jennifer Scalzi is the CEO of Calibrate Legal, Inc. and has spent the last 17 years inside of, and as a consultant to, law firms. From her in-house experience, she has seen where law firms have been, and now through her vast network and continued industry research, she is looking to the future of what will and could be. She is an advocate for making informed and strategic investments in human capital, particularly in a profession as competitive as the legal industry. Jennifer believes data and knowledge-sharing will significantly contribute to the dialog between law firm leaders and the executives who help advance their strategies. Jennifer is a trusted advisor, committed to empowering others, and a colleague who shares her time and insights.
—Nominated by Susan Saltonstall Duncan and Jennifer Manton, October 2017