John Remsen, Jr.

Organization Type: Consulting Firm (professional services)
Position/Title: Principal
Functional Area: Consulting
Year of Induction: 2013

1020 Rosedale Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30306

Mobile Phone: 954.801.0022
Business Phone: 404.885.9100

After more than a decade of work as in-house marketing director with two major law firms, John Remsen, Jr. founded TheRemsenGroup in 1997 to bring effective and cost-efficient marketing and business development programs to commercial law firms of all types and sizes. Based in Atlanta, TheRemsenGoup works mostly with mid-size, commercial firms, assisting clients with a full range of marketing and business concerns. John leads the annual Managing Partner Forum and publishes the monthly newsletter, The Remsen Report.


John Remsen has been contributing to and enhancing law practice management since the mid 1990s when he served as Executive Editor of Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing. Since then, through his consulting practice with The Remsen Group he has worked with 225 law firms, made over 100 presentations and speeches, conducted and published significant research in firm and practice management, and in his spare time established and continues to lead the Managing Partner Forum — in the last 12 years, MPF’s leadership conferences have served the educational needs of 725 law firm leaders from over 600 firms in 32 states. John has generously shared his knowledge and experience across the entire spectrum of law firm leaders from managing partners to firm administrators to specialists in marketing, finance and technology. lt is an honor to welcome John Remsen to the College of Law Practice Management.
—Nominated by John Michalik and Tom Grella, October 2013