Kenneth A. Grady

Michigan State University, Seyfarth Shaw
Organization Type: Educational Institution
Position/Title: Speaker, Professor, Author & Legal Future Evangelist
Functional Area: Education
Year of Induction:

2236 Hearthside Dr., SE
Ada, MI 49301

Business Phone: 312.460.6209


Ken Grady hates waste. He learned Lean Thinking, a focus on eliminating all types of waste, in his operational roles with a major manufacturer, and brought those lessons to his legal practice, including as general counsel at Wolverine Worldwide. After leaving Wolverine, Ken helped transform Seyfarth Shaw, an InnovAction winner, into one of the leading large firms committed to Lean Thinking. Ken recognizes the valuable role technology will continue to play as the delivery of legal services evolves to meet the changing needs of the business community, and is now sharing his insight and wisdom with a new generation of lawyers, who will embark on their careers with a far greater chance to succeed.
—Nominated by Patrick J. Lamb and Mark Tamminga, October 2017