Laura Calloway

Alabama State Bar Association
Organization Type: Association
Position/Title: Director of Service Programs
Functional Area: Practice Management
Year of Induction: 2009

415 Dexter
Montgomery, AL 36104

Business Phone: 334.269.1515
Fax: 334.261.6310


On the surface, Laura Calloway appears to be a soft-spoken, demure southern gal. However, in the same way that heat and pressure turns carbon into a diamond, Laura has been transformed from a humble practice management lawyer to a leader in her field. She has risen to the top in the legal technology area by moving up various positions in the Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association, finally assuming the position of Chair of ABA TECHSHOW this past April, in what can only be calling difficult and trying times. Laura and I have been co-writing clear and lucid articles on law firm finance for Law Practice Magazine for years now, that are only clear and lucid due to Laura’s amazing facility editing the English language. She is a testament that not all lawyers went into law simply because they hated mathematics or business finance. Not least of all, she has been steadily taking on additional responsibilities for the 16,000+ members of the Alabama State Bar Association, including not only administering the Practice Management Advisory department but also looking after the volunteer lawyers program as well as the lawyers assistance program. Laura has amply demonstrated her abilities as a leader, a writer, a presenter, a wife, a daughter and a role model while quietly dealing with her elderly mother while juggling her all-too busy professional life. She does all of this with grace, understatement and unmistakable southern charm. I might add that this is probably the only thing that I have written lately that Laura has not had a chance to editorialize and it would have sounded much better after she had finished with it.

Accordingly I present to you Laura A. Calloway and ask that you welcome her into the College of Law Practice Management.
— 2009