Lorri Salyards, CLM

3821 W. 39th Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Business Phone: 303.956.8363

With 25+ years of experience in law firm administration, Lorri Salyards has broad experience in all aspects of law firm management including accounting, human resources, marketing, information systems, records management, facilities management and strategic planning.

A Certified Legal Manager since 2003. Lorri is also an adjunct professor, instructor, presenter, author and consultant in the legal profession.


Throughout her 20-plus years of law office management experience, Lorri Salyards has helped firms raise the bar for their lawyers and their way of practice by educating them about why proper administration and policies can increase their potential for attracting the clients they strive to represent. Lorri is a creative person who acts as a change agent through effective communication skills and the ability to bring teams together to accomplish what’s best for the firm. Her writing and speaking has helped other law professionals understand and put into practice the many pieces that go into the puzzle of running a law firm effectively while making it a great place to work. She has presented law firm management courses to Russian and Nigerian lawyers. Lorri’s contributions extend to leadership roles in local and national legal management associations as well as to community projects. After Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, she helped area law firms to relocate and re-equip. I’m pleased to welcome Lorri Salyards as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.
—Nominated by Ron Siegneur and Stephen “Pete” Peterson, October 2011