Lucian Pera

Adams and Reese
Organization Type: Law Firm
Position/Title: Partner
Functional Area: Management
Year of Induction: 2012

Brinkley Plaza, 80 Monroe Ave., Suite 700
Memphis, TN 38103

Business Phone: 901.524.5278
Fax: 901.524.5419



Lucian Pera is one of the country’s best known legal ethics authorities. He has served as the president of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers, as an active member of the committee that drafted the American Bar Association’s latest Model Rules of Professional Conduct, as a long time member of the ABA’s House of Delegates and he is now the treasurer of the ABA. He’s also been a leader in the Tennessee Bar Association’s ethics committee. It’s fair to say that his work is influencing the way most lawyers in America are practicing today. His law practice focuses on representing lawyers, law firms, their clients and businesses in legal ethics and professional responsibility matters. He also represents media outlets and litigates media access cases. I’m pleased to welcome Lucian Pera as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.
—Nominated by Greg Siskind and Tom Grella , October 2012