Marc Lauritsen

Capstone Practice Systems, Inc.
Organization Type: Consulting Firm (professional services)
Position/Title: President
Functional Area: Management
Year of Induction: 2007

193 Bolton Rd.
Harvard, MA 01451

Business Phone: 978.456.3424
Fax: 617.496.2636


Marc Lauritsen has been a pioneer in the use of technology in law teaching and law practice since he assumed leadership of the DEC funded Project Pericles in 1985 at Harvard Law School. Marc continued this leadership, organizing the Substantive Technology in Law conference in Salzburg in 1990, as co-chair of the ABA E-Lawyering Taskforce and through his work on numerous editorial boards. His deeply intellectual approach helped him to press the frontiers of a whole range of new technologies.

Marc has explored the literature and contributed his own writings to the application of artificial intelligence to law. His abiding practical focus led him to devote 20 years to the application of document assembly technology to the practice of law. His company, Capstone Practice Systems has helped law firms and the national legal aid community to use technology to become more efficient and more effective in delivering high quality legal services at a lower cost.
— 2007