Mark T. Greene

Mark T. Greene Consulting
Organization Type: Consulting
Position/Title: Owner
Functional Area: Management, Marketing
Year of Induction: 2004

100 Lakecrest Circle
Hendersonville, TN 37075

Business Phone: 703.408.0512

Dr. Mark T. Greene has conducted more market research for law firms during the past two decades than anyone else in the world. In addition to the legal industry, Mark regularly conducts domestic and global research for corporate clients such as Citicorp, General Electric (where he has worked for 21 GE companies) and Sun Microsystems, as well as many other Fortune 500 companies. A Six Sigma Black Belt and Champion, he has pioneered the application of cutting edge corporate research and management techniques to professional services marketing in such areas as client satisfaction surveys, brand development and tracking, advertising development, office and practice feasibility analysis and recruiting research. A prolific author and speaker, Mark frequently addresses professional organizations around the world and serves on the College of Law Practice Management Board of Trustees. He has served as an adjunct professor and lecturer at the University of North Carolina and several other universities and has published many articles and book chapters concerning research for the legal industry and the corporate world. As an undergraduate, Mark studied Electrical Engineering and Communications at Case Western Reserve University. At the University of North Carolina Mark studied Classics for his Masters and Research Methods for his doctorate. He is very active in the Boy Scouts. Mark is currently President-elect of the College.


Ever since his involvement with MIICORP in the 1980s, Mark Greene as been at the bleeding edge of market research on behalf of law firms and legal organizations. Using his considerable professional skills and experience to assist law firms in better identifying and understanding their clients and the market for their services, Mark became a symbol of credible and actionable market research in a profession unaccustomed to the rigor. He has demonstrated through prolific writing, speaking and the publication of handbooks, the true difference hard substantiatable knowledge can make to the effectiveness of law firm business strategies. In the legal services marketing arena, long moved by inspiration and intuition, Mark’s work has demonstrated the clear symbiosis of art and science on behalf of legal businesses and their clients.
— Introduced by John Cummens, 2004