Mark Ross

Organization Type: Vendor
Position/Title: Global Head, Legal Process Outsourcing
Functional Area: Management
Year of Induction: 2016

22630 Ave. San Luis
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Business Phone: 424.280.2410


Mark Ross was a pioneer in legal process outsourcing (LPO), beginning in 2004. He developed a workflow to facilitate outsourcing of routine legal work, rather than back-office operations, from an office in the UK to an office in South Africa. And, his firm was the first UK firm to publicly acknowledge the practice. As a practicing lawyer in England, Mark focused on making outsourcing work, and he was one of the first to blog regularly about LPO. When he immigrated to the U.S. in 2006, he joined one of the first widely respected LPOs. He quickly became a leader through his blogging, publishing, and speaking, including on the topic of the ethics of LPO. As the global head of LPO at Integreon, one of the largest LPOs, Mark has developed innovative programs to support corporations, including contracts. Mark shares his knowledge freely through his work on advisory boards for publications and law schools.