Patrick J. Lamb

Pat Lamb

Valorem Law Group
Organization Type: Law Firm
Position/Title: Founding Member
Functional Area: Law Practice
Year of Induction: 2010

218 N. Jefferson St., Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60661

Mobile Phone: 312.961.8026
Business Phone: 312.676.5462
Fax: 312.676.5499

Patrick Lamb is one of the founders of Valorem Law Group, a litigation firm known for its commitment to client service and value billing. Pat has authored two books on alternative fees, has been a columnist for the ABA Journal’s New Normal feature since 2010 and is a frequent speaker on change in the legal industry, alternative fees, and client service. His blog “In Search of Perfect Client Service” ( is widely read. Pat tweets at @ValoremLamb.


Although perhaps best known for his blog, “In Search of Perfect Client Service,” Patrick Lamb has been perfecting client service for nearly 20 years. Starting in the early 1990s, as a partner with two Chicago firms, he developed skills-training program for associates, professionalized management teams, established budgets for litigation (which some lawyers still insist can’t be done), reformed time and billing systems, and even mandated partner business plans that placed partners’ compensation at risk for failing to achieve goals. From 2005 onwards, through his blog, he has told the profession how to run client driven law firms; from 2008, as a founding member of the innovative Valorem Law Firm, he’s been showing how it’s done. He is a passionate, unapologetic advocate for the belief that a lawyer’s highest purpose is to deliver value to clients. He has built an outstanding career on that belief and daily inspires the legal profession to constantly refocus its practices on its clients. I’m pleased to welcome Patrick J. Lamb as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.

— 2010