Pratik K. Patel

Elevate Services, Inc.
Organization Type: Consulting Firm, Vendor
Position/Title: VP Legal Business Solutions and Co-Founder
Functional Area: Consulting
Year of Induction:

5738 Beverly Hills Walk
Houston, TX 77057

Business Phone: 312.753.8962


As vice president and co-founder of Elevate, a strategy, services, talent, and technology provider, Pratik Patel helps clients realize new levels of efficiency and operational finesse. He has invested his career in helping the legal world prosper and innovate, serving as a legal management consultant, learning about and honing in on what would eventually become the force behind all of this change – the need for efficient management in the business of law. He works with law firms and law departments, which has helped him build, innovate, and deliver solutions that are collaborative in nature, bringing meaning to the concept of “one legal team.” In Pratik’s mind, what’s his is the legal industry’s, and that’s what makes Pratik’s involvement even more special.
—Nominated by Rick Kathuria and Terri Gavulic, October 2017