Robert D. Dolinsky, CPA

Organization Type: Vendor
Position/Title: Chief Strategy Officer

P.O. Box 99
Fair Play, NC 29643

Mobile Phone: 240.426.9065


Bob has been assisting law firms in many areas, including; strategic technology planning, records management, practice support, and business continuity planning. He is a recognized leader in these areas.

Bob, who has a CPA and an MBA from the University of Maryland, speaks frequently at professional conferences including ILTA (formerly LawNet), ALA, Glasser (now West), and law firm management gatherings throughout the Country. He has authored several articles on law firm management and technology and taught at both the Undergraduate and Graduate Business level since 2001 in Accounting and Management.

Bob has 25 years of experience providing management and technology consulting and has assisted many of the largest and most sophisticated law firms in the US and Canada. He’s been an innovator and leader in litigation support and was one of the first to establish a litigation support division for a major law firm, which occurred during his tenure as its CIO. This approach became a paradigm many others firms subsequently followed.

In addition to his professional work, Bob finds time to assist community organizations such as the Montgomery County Chapter of the American Heart Association, where he was on the Board of Directors, and Temple Beth Ami, where he served on numerous committees.

— 2006