Ronald D. Collins

Organization Type: Vendor
Position/Title: Founder and CEO
Functional Area: Technology
Year of Induction: 2009

453 Avon Crescent
Oakville, ON L6J 2TZ

Business Phone: 416.407.5577


Ron Collins is truly a pioneer in the area of the application of information technology to the practice of law. As a lawyer in the early 80’s, he quickly recognized the inadequacies of the existing computer-based practice support systems in use. As a result, he took a path that few of us would have chosen: He left a national law firm to work on the design and development of a software application. The result of his work was not just the award-winning software program Amicus Attorney – he significantly contributed to and enhanced the entire development of computer-based law practice management systems. One could say that he set the standard for all others to follow with regard to how lawyers should be interacting with their practice systems.

Ron’s leadership, his high level of character, his integrity and his professional and technical expertise all demonstrate that Ron will continue to contribute to the enhancement of law practice management…starting from each individual lawyer’s desktop and moving upwards. Ron is an innovator in being one of the first of those who developed and defined how information technology can be effectively and efficiently applied to the practice of law – and he is an innovator again in being one of the first of his peers to be invited in to the College of Law Practice Management.

I ask you to welcome Ron Collins as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.
— 2009