Stephen (Pete) Peterson

Maxfield Peterson & Richards
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: Owner/Founder
Functional Area: Finance
Year of Induction: 2008

751 Horizon Ct., Suite 102
Grand Junction, CO 81506

Business Phone: 970.245.3600
Fax: 970.245.3309


Pete Peterson is a long time thought leader for our profession. This is evidenced by his tenure as a Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration at two well recognized and successful law firms as well as his tenure as Chief Operating Officer for two years for Hildebrandt International. At Hildebrandt he oversaw a restructuring of the organization including the integration of the firm’s London office.

Pete continues to provide insightful and meaningful guidance to a number of law firms through the Law Firm Business Institute that he founded. Pete is an adjunct professor in the University of Denver’s Master of Science in Legal Administration and teaches in the ALA’s Essential Competencies for Legal Administrators program. He also helps edit Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms.

Pete is well-liked by his peers, his students, and his clients. He has a refreshing style and approach to his work, which builds consensus and results. He is a frequent author and speaker to the legal profession on a wide range of topics that serve to advance the profession.

Welcome to the College, Pete.
— Nominated by Ron Seigneur, Nancy Siegel and Richard Turnbow 2008