Steve Matthews

Stem Legal Web Enterprises, Inc.
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: Founder
Functional Area: Technology/Marketing
Year of Induction: 2011

31533 Israel Ave.
Mission, BC V4S 1E4

Business Phone: 604.826.8072
Fax: 888.506.2692

Steve Matthews is the President and Founder of Stem Legal Web Enterprises, a web development, publishing and strategy company for the legal profession. In more than fifteen years working within the online legal environment (including 12 years inside law firms), he has conceived, managed, coded and marketed law firm websites, blogs, intranets and extranets. In particular, he is one of the leading authorities on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for lawyers and law firms. He has been an editorial board member for the ABA’s Law Practice magazine, co-founded the award-winning group blog Slaw, and is frequently quoted throughout North America on topics and trends related to legal web technology.

Steve was inducted as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management in 2011.



Steve Matthews practices LPM 2.0. He is the go-to Web 2.0 information and SEO guy and a leader in the application of tomorrow’s technologies to the practice of law. When firms need insights into how they should present themselves in the rapidly shifting world of social media, they call on Steve. Seventeen years ago, he was lucky enough to have experienced the launch of Mosaic and the beginning of the Internet. He spent more than a decade working at law firms in technology and knowledge management roles. Through Stem Legal, which he founded in 2007, he helps his clients see and be seen on the wonderful, wild world of the Web 2.0. And, Steve is not just the geeky information guy. He coaches his kids’ soccer team, does a mean Bob Dylan impression and juggles everything but chain saws. Steve comes to us from tomorrow’s world, and we look forward to his guidance in exploring it. I’m pleased to welcome Steve Matthews as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.

—Nominated by Dan Pinnington and Simon Chester, October 2011