Susan Hackett

Legal Executive Leadership, LLC
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: CEO
Functional Area: Management
Year of Induction: 2012

5425 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 600
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Business Phone: 301.718.4806

Susan Hackett is the CEO and CLO of Legal Executive Leadership, LLC.  Susan founded LEL in late 2011 after serving for 22 years as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) in Washington, DC. Consistent with her experience at ACC, Susan’s specialty at LEL is in helping law departments, law firms, and other legal industry professionals work smarter: by leveraging knowledge and leading practices, focusing on value, delivering better results, and demonstrating practical efficiencies.  Often referred to as “the voice of the in-house bar,” Susan is most widely recognized for creating and executing the ACC Value Challenge (to reconnect value to the cost of legal services), developing “leading practices” networks for CLOs and law department executives, and for her leadership in driving ACC’s advocacy efforts (including ACC’s amicus program, attorney-client privilege protection, the development of in-house legal ethics and professionalism resources, testimony and representation before decision-making authorities, in-house corporate responsibility initiatives, and multijurisdictional practice [MJP] reform).  Susan is a 1983 graduate (dual B.A. in political philosophy and international relations) of James Madison College at Michigan State University, and a 1986 graduate of the University of Michigan Law School.  Prior to joining ACC, Susan served as a transactional associate at Patton Boggs LLP.



For more than two decades, Susan Hackett has been the voice of in-house counsel. There was a time when general counsel did not have a voice. The Association of Corporate Counsel – with almost 30,000 members across 75 countries – has become the public voice of law departments and the organization through which in-house counsel share and learn. Susan is responsible for much of the ACC’s success and visibility. She has been a tireless voice promoting the interests of in-house counsel, while also gently encouraging and helping them to grow: for example, as the creator of the ACC Value Challenge. She has now co-founded a new venture that will continue her quest to foster innovation in law practice. I’m pleased to welcome Susan Hackett as a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.
—Nominated by Ron Friedmann and Ron Staudt, October 2012