Will Hornsby

American Bar Association
Organization Type: Association (bar or other law-related association)
Position/Title: Counsel
Functional Area: Other
Year of Induction: 2007

321 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60654

Mobile Phone: 773.743.4773
Business Phone: 312.988.5761


The path to success in law practice management is not linear. Practice management is not a topic at career day. It is not the subject of a college major. We come upon it through a confluence of skills and opportunities. For Will, this began when he left practice to serve as a staff attorney in the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility. He then applied his insights of ethics to legal marketing when he became staff counsel to the ABA Commission on Advertising. In order to advance a Commission goal, Will became a leading voice in the effort to help law firms understand their professional responsibilities when marketing, as national and global firms began to formalize their client development strategies. Through his involvement with the Legal Marketing Association, as well as bar associations across the country, he became recognized as the go-to authority on the ethics of client development. When technology emerged as a conduit for communications about legal services, Will developed expertise in these applications. With this unique set of skills and insights, combining ethics, legal marketing and technology, Will has gone beyond the role of a resource and has helped develop policies designed to enable broader marketing and enhanced practice management while assuring consumer protection. Greenfield Belser’s web site includes a crossword puzzle on legal marketing. Seventeen across is a seven-letter word for ABA ethics guru. Will Hornsby is that and more.
— 2007