William Freivogel

Freivogel Ethics Consulting
Organization Type: Consulting Firm
Position/Title: Legal Ethics Consultant

999 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611

Business Phone: 312.642.4567


As lawyer, teacher, guide and guru, Bill Freivogel’s work for the legal profession has been sustained and profound over the past twenty years. In that time, he has helped literally thousands of lawyers and law firms deal with professional responsibility issues, and in particular, conflicts of interest issues. He has seen such issues as a practicing litigator, as a senior executive for a malpractice insurer and as a consultant advising firms, lawyers and clients. At all times, he has given generously of his wisdom and experience.

For over twenty years, he has concentrated on legal ethics, lawyer malpractice, and related disciplines. Bill’s unique strength is his practical approach to conflict of interest issues, informed by a wealth of experience with ALAS and AON. As a senior executive with the leading malpractice insurers, Bill recognized early the benefits of proactive, preventive practice management improvements. He gave generously of his time to explain to lawyers and law firms across the North American continent (not merely his insureds) how they could manage risk and reduce liability exposure. He saw, long before others, how changes in the market for legal services coupled with institutional changes within law firms, had the potential to present difficult and novel conflict of interest problems. Bill was there to offer his wisdom and counsel. Hundreds of lawyers and firms around the world, know him and respect him as the guru on conflicts of interest.  More than anyone else among the universe of advisers to lawyers and law firms, he has worked consistently and tirelessly to demonstrate how lawyers can benefit from putting the principles of professional responsibility into practice.

— 2010