Futures Conference 2012

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Calling all lawyers, law firm managers, consultants and vendors! The College of Law Practice Management and Georgetown Law invite you to the 2012 Futures Conference, October 26-27, at the Georgetown Law Center, Washington, DC. Where better to examine leading-edge law practice management issues than to tap our Fellows and guests who are making the future happen now? We’ll discuss:

  • The New Model of Law Firms
  • “Value” From the Eyes of Different Beholders
  • Managing Partners of the Future
  • The Myriad Challenges of Diversity
  • The Consumer Law Revolution (and What It Means for Biglaw)
  • 2012 InnovAction Awards Presentation
  • New Normal from the GC Perspective
  • Also, for first time, the Legal Academy Practice Research Report —where academics cast a cold eye on your most vexing issues.

Download the complete Futures Conference brochure here.

Expect a lively and engaging event. Panel presentations with active audience input will combine with breakout sessions to help you understand the forces jolting the legal market today.

Registration is Open 

Simply click here to register online for the Futures Conference. Be sure to watch the Futures Conference 2012 meetings page for more information on the program schedule, speakers and special events.

For additional information, please contact the College Administrator, Karen Rosen at 720-271-7015 or colpm@comcast.net