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Lawyer Metrics LLC– Biographical Inventory – A Data-Driven Lawyer Hiring Method  Research shows that the most popular hiring tool in law firms―the one-on-one interview―ranks only slightly above a coin-toss in its ability to separate good from poor prospects. Simply hiring someone because of a shared favorite sports team works just as well. Using a data-driven, scientific method called a Biographical Inventory, Lawyer Metrics increases a law firm’s ability to identify high performers and weed out low performers during the interview process. Also known as a “Moneyball” analysis, this methodology examines the pre-hire traits such as grades, clerkships, and pre-law work that can be used to predict a candidate’s likelihood of success at a particular law firm. Other industries have proven similar hiring methods to be three times more effective than one-on-one interviews. By adapting the methodology to the legal industry, Lawyer Metrics has helped several law firms increase their probability of identifying A players by 10-33% and eliminating C players by 50-60%. By leveraging a law firm’s own talent data, Lawyer Metrics enables the firm’s leadership to hire and retain the lawyers who  are best suited to service the needs of their clients. To remain competitive in this everchanging and demanding environment, a law firm’s ability to thrive depends on it.

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