InnovAction Award Entry from New Family

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New Family – The Biological Will  The Biological Will is legal testament documenting the intended use or disposal of any individual’s gametes or ova in case of premature death or fertility loss. The Biological Will is distinct as the first and only biological insurance legal product and the world’s only legal product of its kind. As the industry pioneer, the Biological Will is the ultimate trend-setter in biological insurance. It overcame unique challenges, since a decade ago, the Biological Will was medically and legally inconceivable, and an entirely new market had to be created. Since the Biological Will aroused misunderstanding and opposition, public opinion needed to be informed and changed. In a trailblazing legal campaign, the inventor, New Family’s founder and CEO Irit Rosenblum, transformed it from an abstract concept to a legally recognized and marketable product with proven results within a decade. The Biological Will concept was proven by the global precedent she achieved in 2011, when the world’s first baby to be born two years after his mother’s death came into the world by surrogate mother, who carried the embryo created by both parents.

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