2004 InnovAction Award Winners

Four law firms are recipients of the 2004 InnovAction awards for excellence and ingenuity in the management of legal services.


In Glasgow, Scotland, the global firm Masons was named in the category of “Market Disruptors” for its 5,000-page website, OUT-LAW, which targets the IT and e-commerce industries. OUT-LAW includes a print magazine with a readership of 27,000; an extranet-supported retainer arrangement for businesses too small to have in-house legal counsel; and OUT-LAW Compliance, a comprehensive legal review of web sites.

Two of the four firms were honored as “Leader Ships” for their innovative action in improving internal management or firm efficiency.

Law Chambers of Nicholas Critelli, P.C.

In Des Moines, IA, The Law Chambers of Nicholas Critelli, P.C., was recognized for work space that does away with individual lawyer offices.  Each of seven “studios” is wired with an internal video cable network and each studio is designed to represent one of seven general tasks common to litigation practice.  Critelli is a litigation boutique that includes both US lawyers and UK barristers.

Wragge & Co.

In Birmingham, England, Wragge & Co. was honored for pioneering cost accountability. Wragge & Co. filed a patent application for its remarkable fee prediction and transaction management system that costs legal matters scientifically, calculates staffing needs, predicts the number of hours and the seniority of lawyers required, and helps manage the transaction process.

Blank Rome LLP

In Philadelphia, PA, the multi-office Blank Rome LLP was honored in the category of “Knowledge Stars” for a program that integrates training components, including Connections, a formal mentoring program; learning aids such as “Find It,” which is a hand-held library research tool; a “Tip-Bit” Program that prints technology information on candy bars; and a board game called “Anatomy of a Matter.”

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