2009 InnovAction Award Winners

Israeli legal organization New Family is the 2009 recipient of the coveted InnovAction Awards from the College of Law Practice Management, while New York-based legal services provider Practical Law Company, Inc. received the first-ever InnovAction Honorable Mention Award.

New Family Organization

New Family Organization was selected for its Family, Justice and Law initiative.  Advocate Irit Rosenblum broke fresh ground defending a universal right to family as intrinsic to the practice of law. Rosenblum pioneered a new sphere of legal rights surrounding the family based on the conviction that the rights to marry, divorce, have children, bequeath and inherit assets, and conduct family life are human rights and must be attainable to all regardless of faith, nationality, sexual orientation or status.  She founded New Family to fill a critical gap in the practice of law in Israel: to attain the right of every individual to establish a family and to exercise equal rights within it. For the two million people in Israel who are subject to discrimination due to family status, New Family’s achievements have been invaluable.

Practical Law Company, Inc.—Honorable Mention

Practical Law Company, Inc. was selected for creating efficiency for business lawyers.  Practical Law Company (PLC) is changing the way business lawyers work.  It employs attorneys with significant experience practicing with the world’s leading law firms and legal departments (e.g., Davis Polk, Skadden, Sullivan & Cromwell, Pfizer) to provide practical, up-to-date resources that help business lawyers practice more efficiently and provide greater value to clients. PLC provides the practical, generic level of information needed by all business lawyers that allows them to get up to speed quickly, stop reinventing the wheel, and focus on client- and firm-specific work. It launched its first U.S. services in December 2008 to wide market acceptance. PLC began in the UK in 1990.

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