Meet the InnovAction Judges: Patrick Lamb

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Pat Lamb

Patrick Lamb is one of the founders of Valorem Law Group, a litigation firm known for its commitment to client service and value billing. Pat has authored two books on alternative fees, has been a columnist for the ABA Journal’s New Normal feature since 2010 and is a frequent speaker on change in the legal industry, alternative fees and client service. Pat’s blog, In Search of Perfect Client Service ( is widely read. Pat tweets at @ValoremLamb.

Patrick Lamb
Founding Member
Valorem Law Group
Chicago, IL

What has been your biggest takeaway as a judge of the InnovAction Awards?
My biggest takeaway is that the ends of the spectrum are well-represented. Almost every year, there are some great examples of fresh thinking that pull the profession into new territory. These invariably are counterbalanced by those who present as innovative the application of their label to a process or product that is new for them but pioneered years before by others. From this, I have concluded that there is no universal bar for what people see as innovative.

How have you seen the nature of innovation in the legal industry change over time? 
Some changes are easy to identify—the growing application of technology. One constant is the infrequent effort to change what we do at a foundational level. Too much innovation is focused on doing the wrong things better, too little focus on the consumer of legal services rather than provider of those services. The other change that is easy to identify is that more firms are recognizing the need to change themselves, so they are at least dipping their toe into innovative thinking. I can’t wait for more to immerse themselves fully.

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