Meet the Judges: Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

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Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Merrilyn has been helping lawyers think differently about the business of practicing law for more than 30 years. She is a trusted strategic advisor to legal organizations, lawyers and law firm management groups on their various roles as lawyers, leaders and business people. In 2010, Merrilyn and her partners launched the popular to provide “one really good idea every day” to help individual lawyers better manage their practices. Her new book, Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over will be available in the Fall of 2016.

Merrilyn was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law’s Master of Science in Legal Administration program for 16 years and has lectured at the University of Colorado Law School. A founding member and early president of the Legal Marketing Association, she was inducted into the inaugural class of the LMA Hall of Fame in 2007. In 1996, she became a Fellow of the International College of Law Practice Management and subsequently served as President of the Board of Trustees for three consecutive terms.

A respected author and speaker, Merrilyn was Editor-in-Chief of the American Bar Association’s Law Practice magazine for nine years. Contact her at (Read Merrilyn’s articles at Attorney at Work here.)

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton
Principal; Partner/Catalyst
Astin Tarlton and Attorney at Work
Golden, CO

What has been your biggest takeaway as a judge of the InnovAction Awards?
Contrary to popular belief, lawyers are brilliant creative thinkers. They are natural puzzle-solvers who, given the freedom to think and act in a conducive environment, thrive on the chance to solve a problem faster, better and cheaper. Extraordinary things are possible!

How have you seen the nature of innovation in the legal industry change over time? 
Within established law practices, interest in and acceptance of doing business differently grows in direct proportion to the rising din of competition and fear of failure. The most exciting stuff, though, continues to occur at the edges, where lawyers and business people with neither the baggage of time and tradition nor the burden of byzantine firm management systems, are simply identifying market opportunities and stepping up to take advantage of them.

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