2017 Conference Agenda and Materials

2017 Futures Conference

October 26-27, Georgia State University—Atlanta, GA

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Special Kick-off by the Robots!

Welcome from Charlotte Alexander, GSU Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Legal Analytics Lab.

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Access to Justice

College Fellow Linda Klein, the 2016-2017 President of the American Bar Association, argued passionately for continued funding of the Legal Services Corp., stressing the needs of those Americans who don’t have access to justice. She shared her thoughts on the status of LSC and the role of the College in supporting LSC.

Presenter Resource

Panel 1: Hype vs. Reality: Is Everything AI Now?

Artificial intelligence has caught fire in the media. Company after company promises that their products are AI. Some experts have said that only 5% or so of the claims are true—but that percentage is growing. 2016 was a breakout year for AI and 2017 continues the trend, with law firm after law firm outright adopting AI or experimenting with it, particularly among the larger firms. Presenters helped to separate hype from reality in this intense look at what is AI and what is not AI.

  • Michael Mills, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Neota Logic Inc.
  • Chris Boyd, Leader, Attorney Recruitment, KM and Professional Development, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Andy Daws, Chief Customer Officer, Kim Technologies

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Speed Networking with an AI Twist

Attendees were assigned to special groups, each with a Special Guest—”Alexa,” and spent several minutes each exchanging ideas and experiences in an across-the-table, speed networking exercise before moving to the next attendee.

Friday, October 27, 2016

The Bright and Dark of AI: Open Mic Session

One of the most fruitful aspects of the Futures Conference is a chance to float ideas and concepts past your fellow attendees, many of whom are leading authorities in AI and other emerging technologies. To showcase this wisdom of crowds, an open mic session. The featured guest, Joanna Goodman, author of the well-received Robots in Law: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Legal Services, joined from London via Skype.

Panel #2: Meet the Machines You’ll Be Running With

Nothing snaps an idea into focus better than concrete examples. Four real world examples of AI tools actually being used in actual practice on actual files were featured. The four presenters demonstrated the real and present utility of this rapidly evolving technology. They explored the clear limitations and the narrow domains within which AI has its most practical application. Spoiler: It turns out that AI tech has a long way to go to fully realize its potential. Second spoiler: That may not take as long as you think.

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Panel #3: Robots Gone Wild: Mind-bending Videos and the Extraordinary Implications of Intelligent Machines

Yes, we must run with the machines. But they are developing so fast that it is hard to wrap our minds around their capabilities. This session offered some truly extraordinary videos to demonstrate just how far along AI is—and where it is going. The videos were thought-provoking and led to discussion about the implications of AI. This session also featured a demo of Jill Watson—a teaching assistant who, unknown to students, turned out to be a bot.

  • Ron Friedman, Partner, Fireman & Company
  • Sharon Nelson, President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
  • Demo: Jill Watson, the Teaching Assistant, presented by Ashok Goel, Professor, Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

Resources Recommended by Panel #3

Panel #4: Two Sides of the Coin—Two Quick Talks

Law firms have a ton of data about their clients. Accounting systems, new aggregators, document management systems—these are all repositories that contain useful information about existing and potential purchasers of law firm services. Emerging AI tools can make sense of these disparate data sources and tease out new and valuable insight into what makes these sales targets tick.

On the flip side, clients have a ton of data about their legal service providers. And there law departments are using that data to redefine the role of the outside law firm. This means new procurement methods, better ways to compare and evaluate law firms, and instant data-based counter-arguments to arbitrary rate increases.

  • Mark Greene, Business Strategy and Marketing Consultant, Market Intelligence LLC
  • Liam Brown, Founder, Elevate Services

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Panel #5: The Perilous Ethical Waters of AI

An amazing number of organizations now exist dedicated to keeping AI “good.” If two driverless cars are inevitably to be involved in an accident because of someone crossing the street with their baby in a stroller, who lives and who dies? Who handles the programming — and can rich people get different programming dedicated to protecting them? As we watch AI help determine the sentences of criminals, who is doing the programming — and are human biases necessarily built in? There are many ethical dilemmas embroiled in AI’s development. Panelists and attendees looked at some of those dilemmas to see what the ethicists are saying.

  • Moderator: John Mitchell, Managing Director, KM Advisors LLC
  • Sharon Nelson, President, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
  • John Simek, VP Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
  • Ed Walters, CEO, Fastcase

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InnovAction Awards

Each year the College of Law Practice Management presents the coveted InnovAction Awards to those unsung heroes and rising stars within the legal profession who dare to think differently and succeed by doing so. In 2017, two winners were selected:

  • Novus Law LLC — Novus Accelerate™
  • Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP — Online Seller Enforcement

Class of 2017 Inductees

Raymond E. Bayley, Amanda K. Brady, Peter Carayiannis,
Kim R. Craig, Andy Daws, Patrick V. DiDomenico,
Jan Anne Dubin, James A. Durham, Joshua A. Fireman,
Jonathan R. Fitzgarrald, D. Casey Flaherty, Debbie Foster,
Christina R. Fritsch, Patrick Fuller, Kenneth A. Grady,
Lois A. Haubold, Terry M. Isner, Sukesh Kamra,
Daniel Martin Katz, John E. Mitchell,Pratik K. Patel,
David Rueff, E. Macey Russell, Purvi Sanghvi,
Amar D. Sarwal, Jennifer Scalzi, Stephanie L. Sciullo,
Adam Severson, Emily Teuben, Mary E. Vandenack,
Ed Walters and Meredith L. Williams

Conference Co-Chairs

  • Sharon Nelson, Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
  • Mark Tamminga, Gowling WLG