2010 Meeting Materials

2010 Futures Conference and Symposium

2010 Futures Conference Highlights, Ken O’Brien, The Profile Search Group LLC
2010 Photos, Thanks to Andy Adkins for the photos from our 2010 Futures Conference

Presentations, October 22-23 American University Washington College of Law, Washington, DC

  • The Effect of the Growing Interdependence of the Capital Markets on the Legal Industry. For decades, top law firms have migrated to New York and London to build strong capital markets practices. But global capital flows indicate the sources of capital are rapidly dispersing. Sovereign funds, private equity and emerging financial centers in the BRIC countries, particularly China, are growth strategy game-changers, creating opportunities and challenges in the quest for market leadership.
    • Peter Zeughauser, Zeughauser Group
  • Developing and Choosing Leaders for the New Generation and Beyond Panel Discussion. Law firms determined to do things differently will require leaders equipped to turn resistance into teamwork. Moderator: Harry Trueheart, Nixon Peabody.
    • William Migneron, Lathrop & Cage LLP
    • Roland Smith, Center for Creative Leadership
    • Patrick McKenna, Law Firm Strategy and Practice Management Consultant
  • Hitting the Reset Button. Knowledge tools, elawyering, unbundling and more…technology lets lawyers work smarter, find and serve new markets and expand access to justice for real people and organizations. Moderator: Ron Staudt, Center for Access to Justice & Technology
    • Will Hornsby, ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services, Presentation
    • Marc Lauritsen, Capstone Practice Systems, Presentation
  • Law Firms with a Mission. Firms and clients commit themselves to pro bono activity, to diversity in the workplace, to community support, sustainability initiatives and more. Why do they do it and what are the outcomes? Moderator: John Michalik, Management Consultant and Executive Director Emeritus, ALA
    • John Kirk, Manko Gold, Katcher & Fox LLP, Presentation
    • Ronald Martin, Holland & Hart LLP, Holland and Hart Foundation Annual Report
    • Kendal Tyre, Nixon Peabody, Presentation
  • Social Media: the Ultimate Business Development Tool or a Huge Waste of Time? Social media is hot. Staid law firms are throwing open their firewalls and venturing into the fray. Is there a legitimate commercial aspect to this? Our experts say “yes” and promise you will walk away from this session ready to implement a social media strategy that will change everything. Moderator: Dan Pinnington, PracticePro.
    • Steve Matthews, Stem Legal
    • Timothy Corcoran, Hubbard One
  • Inside the New Law Firm. We are outsourcing legal and support work, modifying fee-setting methods, replacing people and paper with technology and just basically upending the way we do our work. Moderator: Bill Gibson, Arbitrator/Mediator.
  • A Sea-Change in London. How equity investments, alternative business structures and outcome-based regulation are rewriting the rules of the law business in England, Australia and soon … everywhere.
    • Simon Chester, Heenan Blaikie
  • 60 Tips in 60 Minutes: Management, Marketing, Finance and Technology
    • Mark Tamminga, Gowlings
    • Ann Lee Gibson, Ann Lee Gibson Consulting
    • Tom Grella, McGuire, Wood & Bissette, P.A.,
    • Reid Trautz, American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Now What? Aric Press, Editor at American Lawyer Media, sums up and assembles a “to do list” for the law practice entrepreneur.

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