The Perilous Waters of AI

Who handles AI programming? Can rich people get different programming dedicated to protecting them? As we watch AI help determine the sentences of criminals, are human biases necessarily built it? At the 2017 Futures Conference, October 26-27, Wendy Wen Yun Chang, John Simek and Ed Walters will help us look at some of those dilemmas and see what the ethicists are saying.

Announcing the 2017 InnovAction Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the coveted 2017 InnovAction Award: Novus Law LLC and Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP. The awards will be presented Friday, October 27 at the College of Law Practice Management’s 2017 Futures Conference at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Two Sides of the Coin — Two Quick Talks

In this 2017 Futures Conference session, attendees will learn how emerging AI tools can make sense of disparate data sources and tease out new and valuable insight into what makes these sales targets tick. They will also learn how law departments use data to redefine the roles of outside law firms. What impacts will this create for your side of the coin?

Robots Gone Wild: Mind-bending Videos and the Extraordinary Implications of Intelligent Machines

Yes we must run with the machines. But they are developing so fast that it is hard to wrap our minds around their capabilities. Just how far along is AI? Where is it going? Attendees at the 2017 Futures Conference will have the opportunity, during an open mic session, to discuss the implications of AI. They will also see a demo of Jill Watson, a teaching assistant who, unknown to students, turned out to be a bot.

Meet the Machines You’ll Be Running With

Nothing snaps an idea into focus better than concrete examples. 2017 Futures Conference speakers Kyle Doviken, Rick Kathuria, Marc Lauritsen and John Tredennick will demonstrate the real and present utility of this rapidly changing technology. They will also explore its clear limitations and the narrow domains within which AI has its most practical application.

College News and Notes

Fellows Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Tom Baldwin, Class of 2016

here is an art to spotting a trend before others and leading the way into uncharted territory. Tom Baldwin, Partner at Fireman & Company, has mastered that art. He has led the firms he has worked for into many firsts: the value of blogging to lawyers and their practices; developing SharePoint and promoting its use for lawyers; rolling out project management tools for lawyers; recognizing the importance of interfaces in creating software for lawyers. He has a history of combining business and technology savvy and applying it to the practice of law and law firm management. Tom has always shared his insights freely — publishing his own blog, writing articles, and speaking at conferences.

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Fellows Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Dave Bruns, Class of 2016

Dave Bruns has an impressive career in legal marketing, spanning five different firms. His contributions have helped shape the profession through in-house innovations, mentoring of younger professionals, and leadership of the Legal Marketing Association. Many of the innovative concepts he championed have become standard marketing techniques, including client surveys, client development training for lawyers, electronic marketing, and business development management. Dave is currently Director of Client Service for Farella Braun + Martel LLP.

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Fellows Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Marie Lefton, Class of 2016

From her time as a litigator and her work at major law firms to her consulting practices, Marie Lefton has understood the need for strategic planning. She has directed professional practice, marketing, and business development activities; hired and helped integrate lateral lawyers; helped law firms expand via new offices; and been a senior management leader. Marie’s consulting practice, Lefton Consulting, has helped law firms facing these challenges, as well as the issues related to alternative fee arrangements, client interview programs, partner development, and marketing department reviews.

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Fellows Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Rick Kathuria, Class of 2016

Rick Kathuria is an engineer who has turned his experience in the art and science of project management to the service of the legal profession. Rick helped introduce the legal world to the type of project management now generally referred to as legal project management — yes, he wrote the book on LPM.

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Fellows Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Mark Ross, Class of 2016

Ross was a pioneer in legal process outsourcing (LPO) beginning in 2004. He developed a workflow to facilitate outsourcing of routine legal work, rather than back-office operations, from an office in the UK to an office in South Africa. His was the first UK firm to publicly acknowledge the practice. As a practicing lawyer in England, Mark focused on making outsourcing work, and he was one of the first to blog regularly about LPO. When he immigrated to the US in 2006, he joined one of the first widely respected LPOs. As the global head of LPO at Integreon, one of the largest LPOs, Mark has developed innovative programs to support corporations, including contracts.

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Fellows Spotlight

Q&A: Meet Jill Weber, Class of 2016

Jill Weber is responsible for creating and executing marketing and business development strategies, including “Fast Forward,” a nationally recognized, integrated business development training initiative. With more than 20 years’ experience creating marketing and business development strategies, Jill has developed client service initiatives that resulted in significant new business and overseen strategic communications for the recent merger of her firm. Jill has received numerous awards for her work and is the 2017 President of the Legal Marketing Association.

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We Have Lost a Giant in the Profession: Ward Bower, 1947-2016

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Ward Bower, a former Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and a principal at Altman Weil. …

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Announcing the 2017 Futures Conference: Running with the Machines

Dates, location, theme and host hotel for the 2017 Futures Conference were recently announced. Mark your calendars now and plan to join your colleagues for quality education and networking …

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