Q&A: Meet Jill Weber, Class of 2016

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Jill Weber is responsible for creating and executing marketing and business development strategies, including “Fast Forward,” a nationally recognized, integrated business development training initiative. With more than 20 years’ experience creating marketing and business development strategies, Jill has developed client service initiatives that resulted in significant new business and overseen strategic communications for the recent merger of her firm. Jill has received numerous awards for her work and is the 2017 President of the Legal Marketing Association.

Jill Weber
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Minneapolis, MN

Where were you born and raised?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

Being with my family, golf, and reading.

Did you choose your career or did it choose you?

It chose me. I originally wanted to be in advertising and moved to Chicago seeking a job as a copywriter. Instead, I found a marketing position at Deloitte and built a skill set in professional services marketing, then moved into law firms. I love helping smart, talented lawyers establish a vision for their own practice and then work with them to develop and implement a plan to achieve that vision.

Who was your mentor and what made him or her so influential?

Sally Schmidt (also a College Fellow). I first heard her speak at an LMA conference and was in awe of her experience, confidence, and poise. Years later, she recruited me for my current position and we’ve collaborated together for years on my firm’s “Fast Forward” program. I feel very fortunate to consider her not only a professional colleague but also a good friend. We are also the only two LMA presidents to come from Minnesota!

Of the law-related projects or initiatives you’ve worked on in the past year or so, what is the most exciting or shows the most promise?

I continue my enthusiasm for the “Fast Forward” program I created at my firm more than a decade ago. The program combines individual business plans, coaching, group educational training, and tangible revenue growth goals. We just implemented our first program post-merger; the 17 partners who were part of the program collectively grew their practices nearly 80 percent over a two-year period.

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