Q&A: Meet Patrick Johansen, Class of 2015

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Currently a National Practice Manager at Seyfarth Shaw, Patrick Johansen was the first Certified Pricing Professional working at a U.S. law firm and is a recognized leader in the field of law firm pricing. Patrick launched and authors the first blog and the first Twitter feed exclusively dedicated to law firm pricing articles, presentations, publications, news, events, and education. His “Roll Call” of legal pricing professionals has become a much-referenced source, and the site have been viewed by those as far flung as the Dominican Republic, Guernsey, Pakistan, and Nigeria – making it truly a global resource.

An award-winning writer and speaker, Patrick has been published by the ALA, ILTA and LMA and has presented to ALA, ILTA, LMA and LSSO. His history of local and national leadership roles in top-flight associations has contributed to the advancement of both law firm marketing and pricing.

Patrick E. Johansen
Naitonal Practice Manager
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Chicago, IL

Where were you born and raised?

I am a Hoosier, born and raised in Northwest Indiana (approximately 30 miles southeast of Chicago). My hometown is Highland, Ind., a middle-class community of approximately 25,000. Growing up, I played soccer and softball. In high school, I switched to theater, debate and student council (I was voted student council president my senior year).

What’s your favorite thing to do away from work?

My wife and I enjoy supporting our daughter, Hope, in her journey to a Broadway career. This includes attending lots of rehearsals and lessons (voice, piano, dance), as well as musical performances and national vocal competitions. One recent highlight is her performance at NYC’s Birdland Jazz Club.

What achievement outside of work makes you most proud?

In addition to our daughter’s success (straight A student, national vocal competitions, two-time symphony soloist), I am most proud of becoming the first Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) in a U.S. law firm and of developing the first legal pricing blog, Patrick on Pricing, to help the industry understand the importance of pricing.

Did you choose your career or did it choose you?

In college, I was a pre-law student, so I played a role in choosing the legal industry. However, I never went to law school, and I certainly never envisioned working in business development or pricing or practice management. I guess that means my career chose me!

Who was your mentor and what made him or her so influential?

The one official mentor I have had in my career was Michael Ralston, who was then the Director of Marketing at Chicago’s Chapman and Cutler. He gave of his time and knowledge freely, and his insights and guidance were priceless.

What is the most vivid moment or experience in  your career?

In August 2013, I received the Peer-to-Peer Outstanding Member-Contributed Article Award at the ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards Dinner at Caesars Palace, presented by ILTA Executive Director Randi Mayes.

Of the law-related projects or initiatives you’ve worked on in the past year or so, what has you the most excited or shows the most promise?

As the saying goes, lawyers didn’t go to law school to study mathematics. To encourage a better appreciation for numbers by our lawyers, we’ve created a new initiative: On Target. One part is education, to help our lawyers understand law firm metrics; one part is data visualization, to help the lawyers understand the context and impact of changes in the data.

What is the most engaging law-related thing you’re doing right now?

I am working with an international association to help its members understand the importance and power of pricing.

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