Sharing a Wealth of Knowledge & Conference Photos

November 2, 2017, No Comments

Meeting materials and photographs from the sold-out 2017 Futures Conference are now available.

Support Those Who Support the College

October 23, 2017, No Comments

The Futures Conference, Annual Meeting and InnovAction Awards would not be possible without our sponsors! See who suppor ...

Legal Services Corp. Presentation

October 4, 2017, No Comments

During the 2017 Futures Conference in Atlanta, Fellow Linda Klein will share her thoughts on the current status of the L ...

The Bright and Dark of AI: Open Mic Session

September 20, 2017, No Comments

Joanna Goodman, author of the well-received "Robots in Law: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Legal Services," ...

The Perilous Waters of AI

September 6, 2017, No Comments

Who handles AI programming? Can rich people get different programming dedicated to protecting them? As we watch AI help ...

Two Sides of the Coin — Two Quick Talks

August 23, 2017, No Comments

In this 2017 Futures Conference session, attendees will learn how emerging AI tools can make sense of disparate data sou ...

Robots Gone Wild: Mind-bending Videos and the Extraordinary Implications of Intelligent Machines

August 9, 2017, No Comments

Yes we must run with the machines. But they are developing so fast that it is hard to wrap our minds around their capabi ...

“Hype vs. Reality: Is Everything AI Now?”

July 18, 2017, 2 Comments

Company after company promises that their products are AI. Some experts have said that only 5% or so of the claims are t ...